Martina has been working to bridge understanding between Indigenous Knowledge and Western Perspectives in the resource sector in Canada and Latin America since 2012

Martina has worked with the Glen Cree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation, Mercy Corps, The City of Mississauga and currently is Head Bridge-Builder for the Global Indigenous Development Trust

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Devoted to the Philosophy and Practice of Peace and Reconcilation

With a B.A.(honours) in Philosophy and Environmental Studies (Dalhousie University, Halifax 2009), Masters in International Peace Studies from Trinity College Dublin (2011), and an Advanced Certificate in Dispute Resolution from York University, she is seeking to add to the body of knowledge and practice of Human Geography as a PhD candidate at Queens University Kingston (2023).

Mediator, Arbitrator, Peacebuilder

Martina works for harmony in conflict, peace in strife and resolution through effective communication

Currently, her research is focusing on exploring Mi’kmaw Elder Albert Marshall’s ethical framework “Two-Eyed Seeing (TES)” in the context of the resource sector. This framework highlights the importance of Indigenous and Western knowledge systems working together, using the strength of each in harmony, respect, and love to promote integrative science for sustainable development. Her research is focusing on the utilization of Two-Eyed Seeing as a tool to resolve conflicts (violent and cultural) over resources between Indigenous rightsholders (i.e., United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous peoples) and stakeholders (i.e., industry and government).

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